Channel Your Inner Dominatrix

Master the psychology of power dynamics.

Channel the powerful, confident, magnetic femme that lives inside you – with a little help from a dominatrix, sex expert, a heart hacker, and a few surprise guests.

In this bootcamp, you will learn about the psychology of power dynamics and how to channel your inner domme, whether you’re in the bedroom or the boardroom.

You’ll also take a field trip to a dungeon, get a professional boudoir photoshoot and get spoiled at a domme tea party. Flogging may or may not be included.

The Dominatrix is an archetype of a femme in power

Learn the craft of the Dominatrix-power play and transformation. Explore both the interplay of dominance and submission while deconstructing the psychology of power. Build the tools and skills necessary so you can thrive in your fullest self-expression and feel empowered to live the story you want to tell.

Learn the basics of kink

You’ll shadow a BDSM session, deconstruct it, and learn the subtle nuances of power exchange that can be applied to any relationship inside and outside the bedroom. We will guide you in exploring the edges of yourself, as you develop a new alter ego, stepping into your sensual power, owning both your dominant and submissive sides.

Tap into your sensuality

We’ll be working with tantra and somatic movement methods to get connected to our bodies. You’ll explore the unconventional practices that a Dominatrix utilizes to create deep and fulfilling experiences for pleasure and play. There will also be individual boudoir photoshoots. There’s much more, but we should leave some room for mystery…

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