Do I need to know anything about kink or dominatrixes to come?

You do not need to have any prior knowledge. The dominatrix is seen as a symbol of power, and we use this as to deconstruct power dynamics in our everyday lives and relationships. 

Is this relevant to me if I’m married?

Whether you’re single, coupled, or married – Power Play is relevant because it’s not about the partner you have or the partner you don’t have. This is about you. It’s about tapping into your sensual energy, your erotic power, your connection to your body.

Is accomodation provided?

Accommodation is not provided. If you are flying from out of town, we can provide you a list of suggestions for hotels and AirBnB’s.

Will I need to wear lingerie?

Each participant will get their own boudoir photoshoot and are encouraged to bring anything they feel sexy in. You’re welcome to bring outfit options and we can help style you. We will also have some kimonos and accessories that you can borrow. The photos are for yourself and are strictly confidential.

What is the schedule?

You arrive at 6PM on the Friday and programming will go until 9PM. Saturday and Sunday start at 10AM sharp and end around 6PM.  From the moment you arrive, you are immersed in programming. The entire process has been thought out and designed with intention, and we ask you to keep an open mind and embrace the surprises! After all, this is an adventure.

What support is provided, post-bootcamp?

After the bootcamp, you will have access to a private Facebook group for Renew alumni and you will also be a part of a Whatsapp group for the women that were on your specific bootcamp. Often, participants choose to continue private sessions or group mentorship, and that is completely up to you.

Is there a bootcamp for men?

Currently, the bootcamp is open to women-identified individuals. 

Does my sexual orientation matter?

We welcome any women-identified individuals of any sexual orientation.

Is Renew private?

All participants that come to Renew must sign a privacy agreement before coming to the bootcamp.

Is this for single women only?

This bootcamp is for any woman who wants to learn about power dynamics and tap into their sensuality. We’ve had single women, coupled women, mothers, wives, and various types of backgrounds come and experience significant shifts.

Is this bootcamp refundable?

All deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can anyone come to the bootcamp?

We have limited spots per each bootcamp and it’s up to the discretion of Renew’s team to determine who is ready and the right fit for the experience. Renew reserves the right to determine participation at their discretion. If anyone who attends jeopardizes the safety and harmony of the group, Renew reserves the right to remove them from the bootcamp.

Can I use my phone during the bootcamp?

Phones and digital devices are not allowed during group sessions. You may not record or take photos or videos of any sessions unless this is cleared in advance.

I’m not feeling sexy or powerful. Can I still come?

If you’re not feeling sexy or powerful this is more the reason for you to come. We have programming and socialization that is often blocking us from living and expressing ourselves fully as empowered, inspired, sensual, confident women. We have conditioning that has resulted in shame around our bodies, our stories, our emotions and it’s time we change that. That’s why this bootcamp has been created.

Am I too young/old to come?

We’ve had women from age 21 to 72 come to Renew’s bootcamps. You are never too young or too old to learn more about yourself and grow.