I cannot say enough praise about this bootcamp. I attended with an open mind, an open heart and a desire to learn. I feel it was a gift that I can add to my toolbox of empowerment. 

“I work in venture capital, I have an incredible job that I love where I get to make a difference. 

I have a beautiful relationship and a life that I have carefully and intentionally build. Yet, I have dealt with challenges and old trauma most of my life, and I wanted to heal on a deeper level, so I signed up. What could I learn from a Dominatrix? What is BDSM? What is power?

This experience helped me become more aware of my power, my body, my voice and boundaries. It was designed for humans to integrate shame, fear, and curiosity, with tender loving compassion for ourselves and others. Through meaningful dialogue, coaching, and expert speaker sessions, we learned the nuances and dance of power which can be applied to anywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom. 

There was nothing scary, embarrassing or uncomfortable about attending this weekend. You will feel very safe, seen, loved. and heard. Jump in and expect to be surprised, delighted and set free!”

~Esme <3

When I heard about the Domme boot camp I signed up immediately. I was so curious to meet a dominatrix. I didn’t know much about what being a dominatrix entailed but to do that job I think a woman would be confident in her own power and sensuality.  I wanted more of that for myself.

“The Domme boot camp was amazing and I’m so happy I did it. Of all the personal growth seminars I have done this was by far my favorite. Colette (oh my goodness – she is so warm, powerfully gentle, generous, and wise) & Amy (confident, knowledgeable and kind) created a warm and welcoming atmosphere where I felt comfortable right away. I felt safe to be vulnerable to share my feelings and experiences and to explore new ideas and concepts.  Because of that I experienced deep perceptual shifts. I more fully understand what it means to be empowered and how to embody it. I learned practical, do-able hacks to incorporate into my life so I can respond to situations rather than react when triggered so I don’t give my power away. I learned to be a more compassionate communicator and to maintain my own boundaries. And curiosity was satisfied: Colette took us to her dungeon to shadow a session.  I mean, when would I ever have a chance to do that otherwise?! I loved this seminar so much and would do it again in a heartbeat. Actually, I really want to do it again because it was such a powerful experience. Thank you Colette & Amy for putting your brilliant hearts and minds into this and making it available to us.”


“Powerplay showed me you don’t have to be anyone besides yourself, exactly as you are, to wield, embody and own the power you inherently possess.”

“I was getting over a breakup and hadn’t realized that my self-esteem had gradually started to suffer while in the relationship. The chipping of self-worth can happen so subtly that you don’t even realize it until you’re in a place where you don’t even recognize yourself anymore. Power Play was exactly what I needed, to remember who I was, to tap back into the strong, empowered woman I always have been, but had forgotten.”


“I learned the difference between power and empowered.”

“I had gone to Renew Breakup Bootcamp a year prior, after leaving an abusive relationship. I had lost myself and since then have started to get back to me. I took self-defense classes, started to go hiking, started a meditation practice. Going to Power Play was the next part of my journey. Before, I didn’t know how to be open or ask for what I want. Sexually I didn’t feel comfortable to express, especially because of my very conservative cultural background. After Power Play, I feel empowered, confident and don’t care what people think. I remember walking down the aisle in the airplane after, with my new bedazzled flogger, smiling and proud. People looked at me and I didn’t care!”

– Carina